I never thought I'd see the day that this game ever got an update, but thanks to the work of one hacksrepairman, the game has been completed from notes I wrote as a child! Wow!
Download it from the page on this site!

Honestly, it blows my mind that people still care about Shining Opal in the year of our lord NBA 2K23. This game, written by a child with no concept of how games should be made, restarted countless times, with wildly overreaching ambitions, has somehow kept enough of a following that someone decided they'd come in and finish the whole dang thing. While I've left the Pokémon ROM hacking space (more or less, I keep getting pulled back in no matter how hard I try to escape), I wanted to go in and fix up some stuff before posting it to my official channels, so I did some binary hacking for the first time in goddamn ever and boy was I reminded why I hated it. And that was even with help from the decomps! It's a wonder I ever made any hacks before 2017, frankly.

Now, while this is semi-official, meaning I've blessed this as the real 'final version' of Shining Opal, I had little control or oversight over how hacksrepairman interpreted my vague notes and scribblings, and have not vetted the hack for anything untoward, so buyer beware. I will not be doing any bugfixes from here on if I can help it, and all such bugs to be fixed should be reported on the official PokéCommunity thread so hacksrepairman can take a look if he so chooses. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to sleep for a million years after the absolute gigaeffort he put in. Bravo, my guy. Bravo.

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