In the past, I've lost recordings I made due to being too delete-happy in the early hours of the morning. "I bet future-me will love all the space I'm cleaning up for him!" But this time, it was the fault of my USB hub, and boy am I incensed over that.

This probably doesn't even need to be a blog post, but I just wanted somewhere to rant. This godforsaken hub has been broken for a year now. Why am I still using it? I thought it was actually my motherboard that was incompatible with it instead, since I bought it around the time USB 3.0 was becoming a thing. Maybe they hadn't built it to the proper standards or somesuch. It seemed to be working just fine in the stress tests I gave it on my new computer, in any case.

But alas, as I discovered today, it was the hub all along. While Ray and I were recording new episodes of Diego & Ray Play Game, it decided to just stop working for half a second, which caused Audition to stop recording as it couldn't detect any more audio streaming in. Neither of us noticed Audition no longer capturing our audio, as we were too busy actually playing and making jokes about the bee mafia (a gag which will be forever lost to time). I felt it was some of the best stuff we'd done; I was really excited to start editing it and posting episodes for all to see.

Oh well. I'm getting a new hub shipped on Wednesday; maybe we'll do some post-commentary (ew). I guess stuff like this just happens sometimes.

...I'm going to destroy that thing.

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