This November, like every November, I decided not to shave my face. Not in the name of charity, mind you (apparently there's a reason people do this every year) but just to see what I look like with as much facial hair as I can muster in four weeks.

As it turns out, that doesn't amount to much.

Kind of a sad display, to be honest. Nothing really grew in the area that would make it look like anything other than a chinstrap at best, which is not a good look for me. Add the mustache to that and I look like someone you wouldn't want to encounter while out on the street... or most places, really.

After a shave, I'm back to looking like my normal self, and it kind of looks like I'm 16. Not the best situation to be in (I'd actually like to grow a beard if my face would cooperate) but definitely better than with the scraggly wisps that grow there if I let them.

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